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  • Who is the owner of Gypsievan?
    Dr. Uma Dhar Singh is the founder and owner of She is an Indian Author and Philosopher. Learn more about her here.
  • How long does it take for my profile to get verified on Gypsievan?
    Verification process typically takes 10 to 12 days. In some cases verification process can take up even minutes.
  • How to get verified on Gypsievan?
    For applying for a verification badge, you should meet the following requirements:- What are the requirements needed for applying for a verified badge? Your profile must have at least 5 posts, including a video. You should have at least 100,000 followers. You should have a profile picture of yourself and a header image. You should have a 'Google Knowledge Panel' You should have at least 5 active social media accounts. If you meet all the requirements given above, you can fill up this form for applying for verification. You shall be notified in your Email whether your verification request is accepted or not within 12 days. In some cases verification process may take several minutes. After verification process is complete, you shall find a 'checkmark' under your name. NOTE- A verification badge will automatically appear under your profile if he/she is a renowned celebrity/artist/political personality.
  • Why are few pages of Gypsievan "Password Protected" has recently hidden the Subpages of "Gypsie Shop" because of technical glitches. These pages shall be available within a few months with a lot more new products.
  • Is Gypsievan Sold ?
    No. isn't sold.
  • What is the Rating of Gypsievan? has been rated 3.9 stars on Google. (According to 22.04.2022)
  • What is Gypsievan?
    Gypsievan is a Social Media Website and a Shopping website. You can listen to your favourite music (Sponsored by Spotify) here, you can watch your movies (Sponsored by YouTube) here, you can do shopping (Sponsored by Amazon) here.
  • Why can't I listen to full songs (Sponsored by Spotify) provided by Gypsievan ?
    We do not provide full songs of the artists. We just select the Best and the most searched and streamed songs on Spotify of the artists. To listen to the full songs, click on the respective songs and you shall be taken to Spotify.
  • How do I contact Gypsievan?
    You can either contact us here, or you can visit our social profiles:- Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Quora MySpace Google Medium Blogspot YouTube You can also mail us at You can visit here for more information regarding contacting us.
  • What is 'Dear Diary' ?
    Dear Diary, is an interactive page where you can share your own views, ideas and feelings. In the form of Written or Typed Documents, Audio, Video or simply an image. Gypsievan will share it with the rest of the world.
  • What is 'Verification' on Gypsievan?
    A verified badge is shown next to or under a Gypsievan profile. It indicates that Gypsievan has verified that the profile represents the genuine presence of the prominent figure or worldwide brand it represents. The verified symbol is not used to endorse or recognise public people or companies. The verified badge is a feature that assists consumers in locating the genuine Pages and profiles of famous persons and companies. If a Page or profile has the verified badge, we've verified that it is who it claims to be. If the badge is missing, it is possible that the profile is not the actual thing. Gypsievan does not verify posts, articles, or other information from verified profiles. ​
  • How to upload my documents on 'Dear Diary' ?
    Just subscribe to our newsletter and start uploading your content here, in the Gypsievan Social Networking Site. You can upload your experiences, songs, videos, events in this platform. Just follow these simple steps for showing up on Gypsievan International: 1. If you want to upload a Word Document, Image Or Video Or even Audio, click on the respective buttons given below and share your feelings. 2. Verification process of your document can take up to 3-5 hours. 3. No document shall be accepted if the person is not logged in, in his/her Gypsievan Account. 4. Your posts will show up on this page itself after verification process is over. Your posts will also show up on our social media sites. Click on the links given below to upload your documents. Word Document, Video & Image, Audio